The Kasimu-tet: A Nite @ Joe's, Act II!

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Joe's Cafe, 6014 Kingsbury Ave., St. Louis

In 2022 this show sold out rather quickly, so get your tickets now if you want to be part of this hot night! This show was off the damn charts in 2022. There really is no way to describe it. It was a true bop club in 2022! And so, we ain't changin' a thing. It worked, it was hot, so let's do it again! Kasimu won't sit still, though. You can be assured that he won't do the same thing. He never stops writing music, thinking about music, playing new things, finding new angles. He's a true musician who never stops learning and he will bring the newest dope to this party, you can be guaranteed that!

Kasimu is a trumpet player who does a Miles Davis tribute show on Miles' birthday every year. He grew up in North City and started playing as a youngster, following in the great man's footsteps. A St. Louis trumpet player who celebrates Miles' birthday better have chops and Kas has the chops! Last year at Joe's he tapped into a move that Monk would have been proud of by repeating a phrase about eight times before moving on with the tune. He is a deep, post-bop player who can also pump out a standard, straight, with the best of them. His musicianship extends into original compositions that are exquisite. He is a true jazz master, and we are honored to have him in our little club.

Kasimu - Trumpet, band orchestrator Eric Slaughter - guitar Antonio Foster-piano Bernard Terry - Bass Demarius Hicks - Drums

POET: Nathalie Flindertje

Normal Joe's rules apply.

• Doors 7pm, show 8pm. • $15 Eventbrite advanced tickets. $20 at the door, night of • Bring your own food and drink. • Park on Des Peres only. • No talking over the music • Try to be over 25

Thanks for following these simple rules, it makes it work for everyone.

$15 in advance $20 at the door